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The Gould League's Success: The Donation from the US Company

The Gould League's activity is aimed at helping students to connect them with their natural world. The League has already attracted many Australian sponsors, including DSS Print Group, Corrections Victoria, and Marine Care Ricketts Point.

Recently, an American financial organization decided to sponsor the Gould League's activity. Considering that the Gould League is an independent organization that is struggling with an urgent shortage of needed supplies, BCCA Financing found it necessary to support the group.

The donation funds were forwarded to purchasing the necessary equipment for school programs, updating the displays, and school excursions. In its turn, the BCCA company launched a promotional campaign in order to attract more sponsors and supporters for the non-profit organization from Victoria.

Moreover, the American institution helped the League obtain the needed funds to update its website and new partners from the United States. They are interested in covering all costs of the membership software and booking systems improvement.

At the moment, the Gould League continues to maintain the organization's legacy and impact, and at the same time, often organizes different events with a view to promoting their ideas and educational projects.