Gould League

Gould League is an independent not-for-profit organisation celebrating 109 years of environmental and sustainability education. We help teachers boost the impact of their science and sustainability curriculum, connect students with their natural world and empower the community with positive messages and practical actions to live more sustainably.

Gould League Excursions & Incursions

Gould League excursions at the Sustainability Education CentreSustainability Education Centre

Kindergarten to Year 6

2 hour or 4 hour programs

Our one-of-a-kind Sustainability Education Centre, with its popular themed rooms and displays, provides a hands-on learning environment for investigating both biodiversity and waste minimisation.


Gould League excursions at Ricketts Point Marine SanctuaryRicketts Point Marine Sanctuary

Kindergarten to Year 11

2-4 hour programs

Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary offers accessible rockpools, sandy beaches with seaweed, wild intertidal marine life, a Marine Education Centre, and evidence of human impacts.


Gould League excursions at Toolangi State ForestToolangi State Forest

Year 3 to Year 12

4 hour programs

Toolangi State Forest in Victoria’s tall forest region offers an immersive experience in a Temperate Rainforest, Mountain Ash Forest and logging coupe to explore intricate ecosystem relationships.


Gould League Incursions at your schoolIncursions at Your School

Kindergarten to Year 4

1.5 hour programs

We bring the learning resources and educators to your school! Whether investigating living things, or discovering earth’s natural resources and recycling, our staff have flexibility to tailor to your students.