Kinder Excursions

Minibeast Safari

Cheltenham Sustainability Education Centre

A hands-on investigation of the wonderful creatures and the roles they play in two separate habitats: the garden and a compost bin.

Recycling Rules

Cheltenham Sustainability Education Centre

Children bring their favourite Teddy to share this recycling adventure as they use their imaginations to follow the journey from enjoying a bite with friends to reducing your waste. Using a story, song and hands-on exploration, students will be introduced to the magic of recycling, how to identify what material products are made from and how to choose the right bin.

Wonderful World of Worms

Cheltenham Sustainability Education Centre

Discover how worms can help to reduce your waste! A story, song, puppets and real live worms help you explore their favourite foods and more. Visit our ‘Incredible Shrinking Machine’ in minibeast costumes to imagine what the worms and their friends get up to!

Beach Secrets

Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary

Explore the beautiful Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary with all of your senses! From our drama based introduction, to a journey along the sandy beach to the rock platform to discover items washed ashore and what creatures make this special place their home. Discover our guided play-based learning stations to uncover more secrets of the beach!