Beach Secrets


Excursion Program Overview

Explore the beautiful Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary with all of your senses! From our drama based introduction, to a journey along the sandy beach to the rock platform to discover items washed ashore and what creatures make this special place their home. Discover our guided play-based learning stations to uncover more secrets of the beach!

Your program may include:

  • Items washed ashore on a beachcomb
  • How litter gets into the sea through the drains
  • Marine creatures on our rockpool ramble and the need to treat them with care
  • Guided play-based learning stations with hands on activities including:
  • Trash or Treasure: sorting litter items from beach artefacts and putting into treasure chest or rubbish
  • Floating or Sinking: testing different marine artefacts in a tub of water to see if they float or sink
  • Shell Discovery: magnifying glasses, large shells for listening, collection of shells to sort via colour, size, order from largest to smallest, colour swatches to match to colours, etc
  • Beach Treasures Match: with Gould League educator. More fragile marine artefacts here, matching to our beachcombing poster and discussing what the items are

Restrictions: Tide dependent, Term 1 and 4 (or school holidays) only. We recommend a high ratio of adult helpers to students to support their safe discovery of the beach.

Curriculum Connections:

Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework: Outcome 2
National Quality Standards: Standard 3.3

Program Details

Program Location Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary
Max # of Groups (group max 30) 2
Possible Start Times 10.15am, 12.30pm
Grade Level Kindergarten
Program Duration 1.5 hours
Program Type Excursion
Program Theme Human Impacts, Living things, Marine
Cost per group $405+GST