Ricketts Point Ramble

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ricketts point ramble 2

Excursion Program Overview

Bring your multi-age School Holiday Program (aka. Vacation Care or Outside School Hours Care Program) children to explore the intertidal rockpools and sandy beaches of a marine sanctuary! Discover common sea creatures and their adaptations for survival in this and uncover human impacts.

Half Day Program includes:

  • Safety Talk – A brief overview of how to stay safe at the beach
  • Marine Education Centre – Students learn about the importance of the Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary in the Marine Education Centre
  • Sea Treasures – Students look at, touch and learn about some fascinating beach washed treasures
  • Beachcombing – Students will search for their own exciting treasures newly washed onto the beach by the last high tide!
  • Rock Platform Discovery – Students will explore the fascinating world of life in the intertidal zone. Discover crabs, sea snails and other animals and plants that make the rocks their home
  • Litter in the Marine Environment – Focus on how litter affects the marine environment

Full Day Program includes:

  • Same activities but double the time, allowing for more student-directed learning and exploration of the marine environment!
  • Naturally, a broader range of topics can be discussed and more hands-on, student-centred activities can be undertaken with the additional time.

Restrictions: Tide dependent, please provide alternate dates that spread across at least 2 weeks

Options: You are welcome to spend ‘unsupervised’ time at Ricketts Point to play on the beach or in the water (at your own risk). There are public washroom facilities available to you even after our educators leave. We definitely encourage you to enjoy your lunch at this lovely location

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Program Details

Program Location Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary
Max # of Groups (group max 30) 2
Possible Start Times Customisable
Grade Level Holiday Program
Program Duration 2 hours, 4 hours
Program Type Excursion
Program Theme Biodiversity, Human Impacts, Living things, Marine
Cost per group Half Day $440, Full Day $620