Sustainability Education Centre Discovery

Excursion Program Overview

Bring your multi-age School Holiday Program (aka. Vacation Care or Outside School Hours Care Program) children to explore our Sustainability Education Centre to investigate your choice of themes:

Living Things: Explore the living things found in our native gardens, compost bin and worm farms.

Recycling: Discover what can go in a recycling bin, and the journey these items go on and why the 3R’s are so important

CompostingLearn about the composting process and the wonderful compost creatures that make it happen!

Activities to choose from include:

  • Biodiversity Hunt – Students explore our  garden and search for and collect amazing minibeasts
  • Video Microscope Demonstration – Students observe their live specimens using a video microscope hooked into our TV. Live specimens from three different habitats are shown: body parts and adaptations discussed
  • Incredible Shrinking Machine – Students venture through our incredible shrinking machine to explore the inner workings of a compost bin
  • Worms Up Close – Students have a close up look at compost worms using magnifying glasses and discover what cocoons and saddles look like
  • Live Minibeasts – Meet our weird and wonderful stick insects!
  • Compost Role Play – Students relive the composting process through a costumed, interactive drama and then tour our compost bins outside
  • Wastelands Challenge – An interpretive room which guides you on the journey of Glass, Plastic, Paper, Aluminium and Steel from raw material to finished product. Learn what happens to rubbish as it goes down the drains, ride on a pretend recycling truck and explore how long recyclable items take to break down in landfill.
  • Recycling Relay
  • Rubbish Free Lunches
  • Curb-side recycling – Discover what items can be recycled via curb-side recycling and what to do with items excluded from that collection

Half Day Programs: Choose 3-4 Activities (group max 25)
Full Day Programs: Choose 5-6 Activities (group max 25)

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Program Details

Program Location Sustainability Education Centre Cheltenham
Max # of Groups (group max 30)
Possible Start Times
Grade Level Years 3 - 4
Program Duration 2 hours, 4 hours
Program Type Excursion
Program Theme Food Webs, Human Impacts, Species Interactions, Worms & Compost
Cost per group 2hr program - $360, 4hr program - $540