Tidal Survival

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Excursion Program Overview

Discover the intertidal rockpools, sandy beaches and coastal vegetation of a marine sanctuary, discovering common sea creatures, explore their array of adaptations for intertidal survival and human impacts upon the marine ecosystem.

Victorian Curriculum Links

Science: Science Understanding

  • Scientific understandings, discoveries and inventions are used to inform personal and community decisions and to solve problems that directly affect people’s lives (VCSSU073)
  • Living things have structural features and adaptations that help them to survive in their environment (VCSSU074)
  • The growth and survival of living things are affected by the physical conditions of their environment (VCSSU075)

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Your 4 hour Program Includes 

  • Safety Talk – How to stay safe at the beach
  • Coastal Vegetation – Consider the adaptations that plants need to survive on the coast and find out how Indigenous Australians used plants to survive
  • Marine Education Centre – Learn about the role the Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary plays in conservation, exploring the Marine Education Centre
  • Rock Platform Discovery – Discover some of the sea creatures and plants that have adapted to survive in the harsh intertidal zone
  • Change Over Time – Reflect on change in land use of Ricketts Point spanning Indigenous use to current Marine Sanctuary regulations
  • Pollution and the Marine Environment – Create connections and consider how their actions at home can affect the marine environment
  • Beachcombing – Investigate natural and man-made artefacts washed ashore by the tide
  • Certificate and Conservation Code to reinforce learnings – Post event, schools will  be issued a Certificate of Participation and Conservation Code for each class which students are encouraged to sign and hang in the classroom as a reminder of their learnings and their commitment to protect the environment.We encourage  schools to connect with us a few weeks or months after school excursions to share behaviour changes made by the students or activities undertaken as a result of their learnings at “Tidal Survival” so we can share success stories to inspire others, monitor the ongoing impact of our programs and make relevant updates or changes if required.

Restrictions: Program is dependent on tides therefore available dates are limited. Please give a variety of preferred dates when booking and know content is limited in the two hour program – so specify your preference to activities.

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Program Details

Program Location Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary
Max # of Groups (group max 30) 4
Possible Start Times 10.15am, 12:30pm
Grade Level Grade 5, Grade 6, Year 7
Program Duration 2 hours, 4 hours
Program Type Excursion
Program Theme Biodiversity, Human Impacts, Living things, Marine
Cost per group 2hr program - $440, 4hr program $620