Biomes and Food Security (Food and Fibre in the Forest)

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Excursion Program Overview

The ecosystems of the Victorian Central Highlands have distinctive characteristics which help to class the region firmly as part of a Temperate Forest Biome. Explore this special region while connecting to the outcomes of the Victorian Geography Curriculum.

Curriculum Connections:
Geography: Geographical Knowledge & Understanding (9-10)

– Distribution and characteristics of biomes as regions with distinctive climates, soils, vegetation and productivity. (VCGGK133)
– The interconnection between food production and land and water degradation; shortage of fresh water; competing land uses; and climate change, for Australia and other areas of the world. (VCGGK135)
– Human alteration of biomes to produce food, industrial materials and fibres, and the environmental effects of these alterations. (VCGGK136)
– Land and resource management strategies used by Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander peoples to achieve food security over time (VCGGK137)

Program overview:

-Visit Mountain Ash forest and Cool Temperate Rainforest
-Identify characteristics of the biome, take a closer look at the water cycle in the forest and measure abiotic data
-Reflect on Traditional Land Owners use and management of the land
-Examine the Timber harvesting process and visit a clear felled Logging Coupe
-Consider human impacts on the environment

Workbooks will be provided so you can make a copy for each student to use on the day to guide their forest investigation.

Equipment needed:
* Each student needs a clipboard, pencil, and a copy of the Gould League workbook for this excursion.
* Suitable clothing and footwear for the conditions predicted, preferably long pants and fully enclosed shoes that grip. Plan for wet weather from April-October, and expect temperatures at least 5 degrees colder than suburban Melbourne.
* Teachers will need a smartphone, preferably with GNSS capability or GPS.

Equipment supplied by Gould League:
Safety helmets worn by all participants; tools required for fieldwork data collection.


Gould League does not operate in Toolangi on days with a Fire danger rating of Severe, Extreme and Code Red in the North Central Fire District. On very rare occasions, programs may be postponed due to extreme weather predictions involving wind/storms. In both cases, these programs will be rescheduled at the earliest convenience of both parties.
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Program Details

Program Location Toolangi State Forest
Max # of Groups (group max 30) 3
Possible Start Times 10.00am (9.45am arrival)
Grade Level Year 9, Year 10
Program Duration 4 hours
Program Type Excursion
Program Theme Forest, Human Impacts
Cost per group $540