Crimson Rosella in a Golden Wattle Tree – 2020 Membership Poster


Crimson Rosella in a Golden Wattle tree.
To celebrate the United Nations year of Plant Health in 2020, we have released a very special image of a Crimson Rosella in a golden wattle tree A2 in size. This is a timely remember there’s never been a more important time to conserve and protect our environment – as without healthy plants there is no oxygen, food or homes for birds or wildlife.

We ask you to consider supporting our tree planting efforts  to help build Australia’s largest wildlife in one of the word’s  hot spots. Ongoing we also need help to support our programs as we get no government funding, and wish to continue to grow and expand on the important work we have done for more than 100 years.  So consider membership of Gould League, a donation or bequest.

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