Adult (Guardian) Membership


Gould League Guardian – Adult Membership

Proudly support the work of Gould League through our Adult (Guardian) Membership Package which includes:
– 1 year membership
– Annual badge & Pledge certificate
– Folded Poster
– 20% off bookshop products (a great selection of products ideas when you are looking for a present with purpose)
– Voting Rights

This year our theme follows that of the UN being the international year of “Plant Health”. Our badge and poster features a crimson rosella in a golden wattle tree – as without healthy plants, there is no oxygen, food or homes for birds and native wildlife.

We urge all to support conservation efforts and plant a tree (or forest) to build carbon sinks and to help give wildlife a home – especially in areas affected by the bushfires.  We are also offering free copies of our Nest box book to help wood workers build temporary homes for areas affected by the bush fires.

Thank you for your contribution as without this support, the Gould League could not continue it’s important work supporting teachers and educating the next generation to protect and support our precious environment.