The Nestbox Book (PDF Downloadable version only)


This is a practical and informative 60 page book that guides you through the process of selecting, constructing,  installing and maintaining a selection of nestles for a variety of native Australian birds and mammals. There are great to use after fire has decimated a region to give these species refuge until the plants and trees have time to regrow.

There are nestbox plans for 16 different  birds, 8 canals and bats. It also guides you on how high to place them, species breeding details and much more.

It also helps you to establish a management plan for the boxes to ensure we do not inadvertently support unwanted species who are in direct competition with native birds and mammals for food, water and shelter – as we want to help not further damage our recovering wildlife.

This book was first published by Gould League in 1997.  It was complied by Jim Grant, with contribution by Hugo Phillipps (Birds Australia – RAOU), Tim Gunn (Gecco Nestboxes), Russell Trainor, Rob Morrison and Ellen McCullock (Bird Observers Club of Australia) in attempt to help protect native wildlife who were fast losing their habitat.

If you are looking to use this book to helping support wildlife recovery after the fires that have killed over a billion wild animals – email us at and we will provide you a FREE COPY.